Marine Scrubber Integration engineering

Cutting Emissions

Sulphur oxides (SOx) are known to be harmful to human health, causing respiratory symptoms and lung disease. In the atmosphere, SOx can lead to acid rain, which can harm crops, forests and aquatic species, and contributes to the acidification of the oceans.

As most existing operational fleet of marine vessels were not designed and built to house marine scrubbers (to comply with IMO 2020 SOx cap), BOS POEM team also supply comprehensive marines scrubber integration engineering services for retrofits and new build ships. These engineering services include 3D scanning and vessel survey, coordination with vessels/Superintendents for boarding vessels, design and preparation of marine class drawings, detailed 3D modelling and generation of shop drawings for spools, liaison with classification societies for approvals, coordination with scrubber equipment suppliers/ship owners/vessel managers/classification societies/shipyards for installations, prefabrication and installation of GRE piping systems and overall project management, supervision during retrofit project at shipyards.